Real creators need real fans. 

Real fans need real creators. 

MySphera Spins is your new tool to empower existing fans, engage new ones and expand your monetization channels.

All through the music you love.


Understand what motivates your fans.

Each MySphera promotion delivers unique insights on what makes your fans happy. Discover the musical moods they love, releases they resonate with & potential genres they have affinity for.

When your fans interact with your MySphera Spins Promotion you get powerfull insights. From Social media statistics to music data, discover what motivates your fans
You can share each MySphera Spins Promotion across all your social profiles in a single click to boost each promotion reach
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Drive new fans. Engage existing ones.

Launch a promotion in minutes, expand your reach through viral loops, boost your social presence and unlock new monetization channels.

Example of how fans can interact with your MySphera Spins Promotion
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More than just an audience.

Strengthen your relationship with fans by showing them who you really are. Our unique toolset helps you publish better content that your fans will love & share. With a focus on your personal flare.

Example templates & scenarios available when you create a MySphera Spins Promotion


Ready to use templates.

We know how much time creating the right content takes. Our templates help you tell the right story at the right time in the most engaging way possible. Never repeat the same content again.


Your new way to communicate with fans.

Infographic highlighting the flow of a MySphera spins promotion. Choose tracks, then set your fans reward, publish your promotion across your socials, boost your exposure
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Frequently asked questions:

How can I try MySphera Spins?

At the moment, MySphera spins is in closed beta. You can sign up for early access and once we have an available slot we will reach out and provide you with an access link.

What can I do with a MySphera Spins Promotion?

MySphera Spins promotions help you connect with current & potential fans in new meaningful ways. Spins promotions are the perfect solution to when you’re looking for fresh content, have something specific to promote (single announcement, tour dates, new merch, NFT drop). Each Spins promotion is filled with interactive content your fans can play with. Based on these interactions we will provide you with unique insights on each user's music preferences.

Can you build the Spins Promotion for me?

MySphera Spins offers a variety of templates for any occasion. We provide guides and suggestions for each type of template you pick, and how to set up and publish, and your promotion for maximum success.

Where can I share my Spins Promotion?

You can share your MySphera Spins promotion with a click of a button, across your socials, your mailing link, Whatsapp, Telegram messages & groups, Discord channels, and more. Check this guide to instant and effective exposure for your promotion.

Can I cancel my promotion?

Yes. You can cancel a promotion at any time.

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