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Grow your audience,
elevate your content 

and monetize.

All through music.

MySphera is the first platform dedicated to help content creators engage with their audiences through music. 
We offer a curated music selection, perfect for you and your audience to help you create the most amazing content in a single click.
So you can stand out from others, improve musicians lives, unlock new audiences,

And….. monetize from it.

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Musician lives changed.


Digital assets created


Social mentions growth.

Who's it for.

Playlisters,DJs & Broadcasters who live and breath music.

Get recognition, grow your career and build your international appeal.

Personal blogs and content creators who think different.

Never miss a beat, Dictate trends, and make your musical taste stand out

Streamers, Gamers and Influencers who push boundaries.

Boost your stream / feed & connect with your audience through the music you love.

Brand owners & professionals who use music to stand-out. 

Empower  your brand presence with your unique take on music.

For Musicians who aren’t afraid to show love to others.

Build your network with fellow musicians and unlock powerful connections.

Our tastemakers make the best content and get all the love.

  • Rewarding: 
    Grow your audience and monetize by simply doing what you love.

  • Simple:
    Only the music you / your audience can relate with, delivered directly to you through your personal zone.

  • You’re the boss:
    That’s why you have full control over your content and this will never change.

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