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The complete guide to Spotify playlist growth in 2020

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

You have made a new playlist, you found a cool motif, a catchy title and selected the best tracks.

But, after all this work, your playlist might still have no followers.

Sometimes, you get followers early on but after some time your playlist growth hits a stop.

Sadly, playlist growth is not connected directly to one property of the playlist itself; a relevant selection, long duration and a mix of upcoming and established musicians might be beneficial to your potential listeners but they are no guarantee your listeners will grow.

Similar to other social channels in order to grow your playlist you’ll need to put in some work.

Hopefully this work will later translate to organic growth.

So what should you do?

First of all, understand your playlist audience.

This is a critical point; you need to understand who will enjoy your playlist the most.

It’s as simple as that, people who love your playlist will more likely share it with their friends - this can skyrocket your playlist growth!

There are 3 questions you should ask yourself are:

1. Who are the people that will like the playlist?

For example, if you make a yoga playlist it can be relevant both to people who practice yoga and people who teach yoga.

2. Where do they spend time online?

Are they on instagram? Reddit? Dedicated platforms? Twitch? Facebook groups? Forums?

3. How can I contact them?

Do they interact with posts? Do they follow certain hashtags? Do they prefer stories?

Once you define your audience you can start and define your outreach strategy; this is how you will spread the word about your playlist.

Besides the relevant audiences for the playlist you can and should leverage your own audience across your social channels.

Instagram -

Share your playlist on your stories. ** if you have less than 10K followers you can use Spotify share to IG feature; This will add the playlist link to your Story!

  1. Add the playlist Story to your highlights. You can create a dedicated highlight that focuses on your playlist updates - a great way to let anyone that enters your profile know you have amazing playlists.

  2. Link to your playlist in your bio or using Linktree. Let the people reach your Spotify user / playlists in the easiest way possible.

  3. Post about new playlist additions and tag the artists you added. Most artists get very excited with every new playlist addition, no matter big or small! If you tag them, there is a big chance they’ll share it with their audience; This can be a great way to unlock new fans/followers.

Twitter / facebook -

  1. Similar to Instagram; Tweet/Post about new playlist additions, in both platforms you can add links - so be sure to have them included.

  2. Add the relevant links to your about/info.

** Pro move **

Use colored links; services like bitly, TinyURL or Sniply.

By doing that you can learn more about your audience; this is a great addition to Twitter analytics (and FB lack thereof).

Reddit -

We love Reddit, this is the best place to learn, discuss and get others’ feedback online (IOHO).

There are several subreddits (different subject based groups within Reddit) that focus on all things Spotify. You can learn more about Reddit in our previous blogpost.

For spreading the word about your playlist we recommend being active on:

Spotify playlist exchange community -

The main hub for Spotify playlisters. Here you can share your playlists, learn about playlist growth (Check this great thread; A little old but still relevant) and discuss with other curators.

Never buy followers!

Spotify, similar to other social networks, do their best to fight bot followers and fake followers. Here's a short post about it.

How MySphera tastemakers grow their playlists?

"1. Ads, while you have to invest in these they are definitely worth it in the long run.

2. Put your playlist on your artist profile!

3. Share your playlist on facebook groups and targeted subreddits.

Mention the top artists and the feeling of the playlist (NOT the genres, people are looking for feelings when looking for new music, not for specific genres, a “Friday night party” playlist will always outperform a “Deep underground house” playlist when compared.)

4. If you have an instagram profile. Put it in the bio link but preferably in a linktree or something.

I use as i think its the cheapest but any will do.

Track it with your Facebook pixel. "

Music for the misfits: Spotify / Instagram

"3 ways of me growing my audience are by collaborating with artists and music magazines to share each others reviews and websites as well as playlists, plus I do love a good and active social media account - making sure to get in touch with artists that I believe in, for them to be aware of me and making sure that they know I see them! I also do love having artists take over my Instagram story to take my followers with them on a day in their life!"

Opal channel: Spotify

"First of all I always ask my friends and family to listen to my playlists and to share the playlists with there beloved ones as well (These are the most loyal fans).

I often use facebook ads and my IG account to send new listeners to the playlists.

I use share with many of my other curator friends."

Aime Pereyra Cajuday: Spotify / Instagram

"I am growing my audience by posting my link in my social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) and by introducing my playlist to my family, friends, former classmates and even to my officemates. I ask them to listen to the songs and they respond positively."

Breanna Marie: Spotify / Twitter

"I’ve been sharing and communicating with those who are featured on my playlist a lot more. Keeping communication open, helps grow the playlist more because it’s more shares. From their perspective it becomes a testimonial for more artists to also submit as well."

NXTSTYLE: Spotify / Instagram

"One great thing we’ve done is launch big multi-artist features like ‘The NEXT 100: 2020 New Music Guide’ launched in January, which featured 100 new music acts to look out for in 2020. We interviewed the majority of those artists for both written and video features. With so many artists involved there was plenty of sharing on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook between our fans, the artists themselves and their fans.

Most recently we launched our ‘2020 Songs of the Summer’ which featured 70+ songs that made up our summer soundtrack. Just like The NEXT 100 we interviewed artists and created various video features highlighting these songs. We asked about dream collaborations, ultimate sync placements, and got their Top 5 Songs of the Summer so there were certainly ways to utilize this info on social media to expand our reach and also bring more exposure to artists and help make their dreams come true. Like The NEXT 100 there has been a lot of sharing on social media in the same way. Fun fact, Rosa Raye and Eric Reyes who we both love and were discovered on MySphera are included in this feature :)

From 'The NEXT 100' to the '2020 Songs of the Summer' feature we’ve certainly seen growth from social media numbers and site hits, to networking and I’m definitely proud of that considering all the hard work that goes into these features!"

Use MySphera!

Our services aim to help both content creators and musicians grow together.

  1. We'll connect you with music both you and your audience will enjoy. Helping you create better playlists with a mix of new and independent artists.

  2. We notify musicians on every new feature and make it as simple as possible to share the news with their fans.


Besides curating the best possible music selection it's critical to spread the word about your music so more people can enjoy your great selection. Be sure to leverage both your existing audience and new potential fans using your social profiles.


MySphera is the matchmaker between new music and tastemakers. If you make music, learn more about our services here. Or, if you want to join our tastemakers roster go here.



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