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Music Marketing 101: Get Your Music New Fans Using Reddit

MySphera Guide for the next-gen musican: Reddit music Marketing 101

​starting your journey as an artist is hard. We feel you.

From producing your first beat, writing your own lyrics to finding other artists to collaborate with, the first steps in something new are always challenging. Sadly, even once you produced a real banger your work doesn't end.

Meet your new challenge - getting your music heard by as many people possible.

There are a lot of strategies when it comes to how to market your music, where to post your tracks and which attitudes you should take when promoting every song.

This post will answer the "where" - focusing on our personal favorite - Reddit.

Reddit banner calling you to join the community

Unless you were frozen in ice for the past 5 years, you probably know Reddit. But just to be safe: Reddit is a content sharing platform where users can create unique blogs on certain topics (these are called subreddits). Subreddits go far and wide, from music to digital coins.

Why should you get your music on Reddit? Redditors (reddit users).

The people of reddit spend lots of time commenting, voting and giving feedback on topics they follow in the platform - they are probably the most active users of all online communities.

Ok, thats easy, all I have to do is blast my music on every subbredit? WRONG

Redditors notoriously hate self promotion, so before you start sharing your music make sure you know these 5 Reddit basics.

1. Karma is everything:

Reddit karma

This is your net worth in Reddit, it's calculated by the total of upvotes + replies your posts and comments received.

The more karma a Redditor has - the more legit he is.

0 karma + self promotion posts = disaster (Trust me...)

take an active part in the reddit community

2. Active approach is a must:

The only way to get your karma going is to be active.

Interact with people, comment on others' posts while keeping your replies on point - this is not soundcloud or instagram, 3 fire emojis wouldn't get you far on Reddit.

subreddit rules example

3. Follow subreddits rules and rediquette:

In reddit rules aren't meant to be broken post the wrong piece of content in the wrong place you'll be swarmed with angry comments and downvotes.


never spam on reddit!

despite being part of the rediquette we have to emphasize on this one, spamming is a very easy way to get banned from subreddits.

5. Redditors aren't forgiving:

redditors being redditors

you'll make mistakes on reddit, that's for sure, so you must be prepared for the angry comments you'll receive - take it lightly and move on.

We know, being active is time consuming, but you don't need to be on Reddit 24/7 in order to grow.

We recommend 10-15 minutes a day for a full week before posting your own content.

In every session you'll need to vote and reply relevant posts.

pro tip: Make sure your replies are relevant - Reddit is not about quantity it's about quality - a quality reply can boost your karma to the roof.

Now after you figured out the basics and hopefully you got some nice karma, it's time to put your music out there.

Here are 20 subreddits every musician should know. Some are great for directly promoting your music, some better for production tips. Reddit is all about sharing your content in the right subreddit - learn how to do it right and you will see it's full promotion might!

Remember, even when promoting your music on reddit the guidelines above are still very relevant.

1. r/MusicPromotion -

Size: Small 271 redditors.

Redditors type: Starting musicians looking to get plays for their tracks. What is it good for: taking your first steps in sharing your music to the reddit world.

2. r/shareyourmusic -

Size: medium 4000+ redditors

Redditors type: all levels of musicians looking to get feedback.

What is it good for: real plays and feedback from other musicians

3. r/makinghiphop -

Size: big 58,480 redditors

Redditors type: rappers, beatmakers, hip hop producers of all levels

What is it good for: The Daily Feedback Thread is a great way to get your music to a lot of people.

4. r/beatmakers -

Size: small 947 redditors

Redditors type: beatmakers of all kinds

What is it good for: Put your music out there, get some listens.

5. r/ThisIsOurMusic -

Size: big 21,749 redditors

Redditors type: music makers of all kinds

What is it good for: feedback and critique, potential collaborations.

6. r/MusicCritique -