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How to identify your true fans and grow with them in 2022?


Being an artist in the digital era, is a blessing, and a challenge at the same time.

On one hand, there are endless channels to showcase your content and to reach/engage new fans.

However, on the other hand, simply uploading your content on various platforms these days, is simply just not enough.

Loads of content is being uploaded every day and attempting to catch the attention of your existing audience, not to mention your potential new audience.

So, is it possible to establish a solid fan base as an independent artist and content creator in 2022, without spending all your savings?

The short answer: YES

The extended answer: Here is our ultimate guide to growing your fanbase and unlocking your true/loyal fans.

These are the basic terms you should get familiar with.

First things first, you need to understand the terms used when talking about your audience & growth. Before you skip this point, give a look at all the terms below and make sure you're familiar with all of them!

The fundamentals:

Follower: In social media, followers are the people who subscribed to an account. In general, the act of "follow" indicates this person has a higher level of engagement.

Once someone follows you, he/she will be notified about your content.

For example, your followers on Spotify will be notified when you release a new album or, your followers on instagram will see your new reel / post / story on their feed.

Remember, having someone as a "Follower" can mean different things on different platforms. Plus, on most platforms, a follower can define how often they would like to see your updates.

Engagement: In social media, this term describes any sort of interaction a user (whether random, or a follower) has with your