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MySphera's Refund Policy:

Due to the subjectivity of tastemaker opinion and personal ownership of tastemaker promotional channels & playlists we hereby explain the refund policy of MySphera services.

We require each campaign run for a minimum of 21 days. (This allows our tastemakers enough time to listen to your music and track results).

In case your track has been added to at least one of the playlists created by one of the tastemakers who partner with MySphera, within the period of your campaign, you will be notified via email about the new placement.


Who’s entitled for refund:

  • In case your track has not been featured by any MySphera’s partnered tastemakers after your campgin is done, you will be refunded fully. The refund will be transferred to your PayPal account or other payment solution according to Paypal or Bluesnap terms of service.  
    *Nonetheless, if your track will be featured at least once MySphera will not offer any refund.

  • In case your track has not been matched for review by any of MySphera’s partnered tastemakers, you will be entitled for a full of the initial fee you have paid. The refund will be transferred to your paypal account according to Paypal terms of service, within the period of 4 weeks from the submission.


In case you have any concern or problem please contact us at

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