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The complete resource list for going live on Twitch

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In the past few years live streaming has established itself as a powerful way to interact, connect and reach new audiences.

From live features in social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook and Reddit to platforms dedicated to live streams like Twitch, Mixer and YouNow.

Fueled by the rise of eSports, unique monetization opportunities for creators and unique tools for interaction with viewers live streaming is constantly on the rise.

On the following resource list we'll showcase some amazing articles, discord servers, reddit groups / threads and video tutorials that will provide relevant information to launch and grow your very own streaming channel on Twitch.

As streaming becomes more widespread more celebrities are adopting platforms like Twitch in order to provide their fans with a new touch point;

So if you haven't launched your stream yet, now is a good time. And if you don't know where to start, don't worry we got you covered :)

Platforms / services / tools:

Broadcasting software:

In order to live stream you'll need a software to control your broadcast. Broadcasting softwares had moved a long way since the early days of streaming; many of them hold tools to interact with your audience, improve monetization and other plug and play features.

Broadcasting software is the programs broadcasters use to stream live content. Popular applications include StreamLabs OBS (SLOBS), OBS, and Xsplit. Streamerscheme

Here are four great solutions for you to choose from: