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MySphera's Complete Guide of Using Influencers to Promote Your Music.

mysphera complete guide to micro influencers

Music makers are constantly looking on new ways to promote their content and growing their audience.

But when you're competing with 30K tracks uploaded to Spotify, 2M videos uploaded to YouTube and millions of posts uploaded to Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter every day your promotion tactics should be as sharp as your music production skills.

There are loads of different ways to make your content stand out, from paid promotion, 3rd party services, email outreach, and content pods.

At MySphera we double down on micro influencers to take content to the next level.

So what are exactly micro influencers?

"A micro influencer as someone who has an audience within the follower range of 1,000 followers up until about 50,000 followers on a particular social media channel, usually comprised of a focussed passion, topic or niche market." @Scrunch

This could mean a local DJ, a radio host, a yoga instructor, a health guru, social activist and many more.

Why are they relevant to my music?

  1. Unlike "Macro Influencer" (influencers with over 50K+ followers), micro influencers have a stronger connection with their audience.

  2. They are considered highly authentic by their audience.

  3. They are active / informed within their specific niche.

Why should I care?

It's pretty straight forward, they have much better engagement rates, conversion rates for a much smaller cost.

Not sure what's engagement rate / conversion rate? we got you covered.

Engagement rate - "Engagement Rate is calculated using the total figure of interactions on a post, divided by the number of followers on the account. Interactions will of course vary depending on the platform, for example on Instagram this will include: likes, comments, saves. On Facebook this will include: likes, comments & shares. On Twitter this will include: retweets, likes & replies. On Snapchat this will include: views, screenshots and replies."

Conversion rate - "Conversion rate is calculated by dividing the numbers of engaged users and the total completed the call to action, this could mean a purchase, a like, or a Spotify stream."


With the right micro-influencers your music can reach a highly specific audience that will most likely engage and listen to your tracks. More so, if you'll put your music on sale (CDs, Vinyl, etc) these micro influencers can get you the most sales; in a much lower price than the macro influencers.

Ok, how do I find relevant micro-influencers?

It's all here in our influencer cheat-sheet:

the ultimate cheetsheet to find relevant micro influnecers

If you want to get your music to the right influencers without spending hours on research give us a try and had over to our submission page.



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