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MySphera ultimate guide to community building for musicians.

Table of content:

  1. Introduction.

  2. How to build a strong community.

  3. What makes quality content.

  4. Finding your true fans.

  5. How to maximize the value you can give to your true fans?

  6. Community examples of content creators / musicians:

  7. Cautious Clay

  8. TigerBelly

  9. AM Hoops (Q&A included)

  10. Kia Orion

  11. Mike warner (Q&A included)

  12. Conclusion


Similar to other creators, musicians' main ability to monetize is directly related to the size and power of their audience.

Many musicians think the only way to success is to hit it big.

First, break the ceiling of 1000s of listeners, get signed by a big label, reach millions of listeners hopefully and finally perform in huge festivals / venues and close some big sponsorship deals.

But today, we’ll try to highlight a different perspective;

Go small and monetize big.

I believe that creators need to amass only 100 True Fans—not 1,000—paying them $1,000 a year, not $100. Today, creators can effectively make more money off fewer fans. @Li-Jin for Andreessen Horowitz

Think of two musicians, The first has over 10K monthly listeners and racks a total of 150K of streams on Spotify.

The second has a Patreon account with a $10 monthly member fee with 100 subscribers.

Let’s do some yearly income predictions for the first artist:

150K streams X $0.00318 (price per stream on Spotify) X 12 months = $5,724

And for the second artist:

100 members X $10 monthly member fee X 12 months = $12,000