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MySphera Tastemaker spotlight - Ouça Música Independente

"I understand that, above all, music is art and that for the artist to look at his art as a product is more difficult, but if he doesn't, others will. Understand the market you are in."

Get ready for a latin flavored tastemaker spotlight! Meet Thabata Arruda, aka "Ouça Música Independente"; With 16 years of professional contact with music, starting as a chorister and later in the area of cultural and executive production - Thabata holds a unique perspective on music.

For two years she has been dedicated to curating and researching music with a focus on market, behavior, habit and musical identity. He has already talked about these topics in lectures.

Her latest research on female representation at Brazilian music festivals was published by Revista Zumbido (SESC).

We had the pleasure to chat with here about Brazilian music, independent music and her music discovery routine.

Can you tell us a bit about your music discovery routine?

I wouldn't say that I have a routine, but when I want to discover new sounds I try to start from some theme or musical genre. I use the playlists created by the Spotify algorithm and MySphera, but none of this replaces the live concerts, which, for me, are still the best way to find new sounds.

As a Brazil native, a country with amazing and rich musical culture, can you name a few artists you feel more people should know?

We have a very intense musical production and the sounds are diverse, because this country is very large. I find it a tough mission to name just a few, but I tried this short list:

  1. Céu - For me, one of the most inventive composers we have around here. Last year she released another incredible album, called APKA!.

  2. Flaira Ferro - She comes from Recife, which is in the northeast of Brazil, where the greatest artists of the country leave.

  3. Elza Soares - You can't help but listen to Elza Soares, her last three albums are really incredible. Elza is a black woman and is part of the history of Brazilian music, she has a life history of a lot of struggle.

  4. Chico César - Like Elza, Chico César has a long road in music, but his mind is so up-to-date and creative that he released a very good album last year, called O Amor é um Revolucionário (Love is a Revolutionary Act).

  5. Kevin O Chris - Kevin is from Funk Carioca and last year he recorded a remix with Drake. I do not need to say anything more.