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You are doing your music marketing all wrong

Yes, promoting your own music sucks, but this might be just because you are not doing it right.

TLDR: scroll to bottom to see our video!

Getting more plays / followers / fans all have a crucial part in growing as a professional artist. This is why music promotion is a meaningful aspect in the life of a starting artist, musician or beatmaker.

Yes, music promotion can be intimidating and overwhelming; Doing to little of it and you will fail to grow as an artist, spend to much energy on it and you'll have zero time to improve your music.

But fear not, MySphera is here to help you with your first music marketing campaign.

Let's start with a quick introduction.

It's time for a triple showdown between three commonly used marketing techniques!

Our contenders: Viral marketing, Brand marketing & Community marketing.

Let's get down and dirty with our first techniques the mystical Viral marketing.

What does it mean?

Create a piece of content that will go viral a.k.a get as much shares as possible, getting your content more and more engagements with each share.

Viral marketing examples can range from pics, memes, videos and blogposts.

For example the ALS Association made a Viral marketing campaign you are probably familiar with: "The Ice Bucket Challenge".

Key: Emotional triggers, be funny / sad / relatable.

Pros: High reward, "Get Rich Quick".

Cons: Needs content creation skills, heavy competition, low chances of success.

It's time to meet contender no.2 the slick brand marketing.

What does it mean?

Distinguishing your business by creating a unique design or graphical language - this will be your brand identity.

For example, combining a custom made font, a strong logo and a unique color palette for your site or product.