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The new voice of the neo-soul-electronic wave is here.

dorj, soundcloud, musician, electronic music, singer, hipster

When making new music or producing a new beat, you can get so much into it, that sometimes you never know where or how that one gamechanger beat or tune is gonna fall into your laps.

If you'd ask musician and producer Dorj, that's probably would be his case.

Dorj, musician, man, hipster, neosoul, indie, electronic, singer

The neo-soul electronic musician started off by studying classical composition, took quite a few turns, through experimenting with different sounds and beats, to working with musicians and producers from all over the world.

Being curious and open minded while making his music led him to unexpected collaborations such as with Subculture Sounds, and to find himself on stages all over Europe, including the iconic Berghain in Berlin, and numerous music festivals.

Dorj's cosmic urban soul trademark defines not only his music, but his entire persona, from his unique sense of styling to visuals and graphical language; Dorj is in a constant expolation of the fresh intriguing sounds that can spark the soul.

Among all of his activities, Dorj is part of MySphera's team of advisers, helping our community of starting musicians and beatmakers build the strong fanbase they need in order to step up their game.

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