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5 Musicians who take fashion to the next level

At a beginning of an interview with HNHH, Young Thug jumps straight to it and says: "I am fashion". Like the Thugger, more and more young hip-hop artists are fashion-conscious, tight on aesthetics and have learned how build up their persona, enabling them to build up their presence on Social media and gain more and more acclaim.

But fashion and style ain't only the landscape of the hip-hop artists. As a matter of fact, in almost every musical genre we witness the revival of styling statements related with a young, bursting musician.

You might be mumbling to yourself at this point "K, but no news under the sun". Well, that's only partly true.

Yes, fashion statements goes way back hand in hand with music, from iconic figures like Billie Holiday through Elvis to the one and only David Bowie, who reinvented himself time and time again through his music and styling. However, unlike them, many other artists reached world fame throughout the years without making any fashion statement whatsoever.

Well, today's game is played a bit different. Your music goes hand in hand with your online persona.

Young starting artists are paving their way through channels such as Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and more where their music accompanies their photos and vids. Making a styling statement that stands out both your persona and correlates with your music will help you to catch more attention and help you with promoting your music.

Let's look on some examples to make it things more real.

This artist is without a doubt one of my favorites. With only 15, Billie's set to redefine the new gen pop artist persona with what I call "More is More". Billie adds more colors, more layers, more puffiness, and does it all with top notch style. Her colored sporty oversized layouts reflect the new-wave side kick in her music, making everything about her more relatable.

The 20 year old R&B singer is the fresh definition of "cool". His fresh & tight musical style mashes perfectly with his fashion statements - an elegant neat look that goes without too much effort, settin up the outfit for every occation / IG posing.

His bright playful picks alongside a killer collection of sunglasses place Khaild's music as the cool man of the hour.

21 Savage

We're not quite sure who's that one to start the colored dreadlocks trend, but without a doubt, although keeping his dreads out of the game, the Atlanta-born rapper fashion statements are turning him to an icon. Keeping it real, as growing up in the streets, 21 Savage still maintains the underground style, spiced up with furs, leather jackets, golden teeth and more blings that gets all eyes on the dark melodic rapper.

Our bets for 2018

We've tracked down 2 artists worth watching who blend a unique and sassy music & fashion style pretty damn hot.

The readheaded hiphop rapper outgoing cool NY sassy vibe reflects both in her tunes and her style.

Her outfits mash well with her music: Young, playful, easy going, that makes you wanna ride rollerblades while eating cotton candy.

Memphis rapper that takes no prisoners: His trap-chillout music is reflected damn well with his fashion style, here're few of our favs. Take a look & a listen and you'll get the pic.

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cCam RY

Memphis rapper that takes no prisoners: His trap-chillout music is reflected damn well with his fashion style, here're few of our favs. Take a look & a listen and you'll get the pic.



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