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Spotlight on the rising music tastemakers - part #3

Music exploration has become abundant in the streaming era. Almost all people who carry a smartphone in their hands have installed at least one or two streaming apps, making music available in a touch of a button.

Availaility is great, but is that all it takes to find new music that captures exactly how you feel right now? Think about it. Over 20k new songs are uploaded daily to Spotify alone.

Yeah, smart algorithms are trying to trace back your musical preference and follow it up with a suggestion.But it lacks the feel of getting a recommendation from your go-to music expert.

That expert might be your best friend, favorite DJ or a top notch Spotify playlist curator who's passionate about discovering new music and perfectly putting it in context through his playlist assembly skills.

In MySphera's new series we put the spotlight on the new tastemakers who took their love and passion for music and put it in their playlists!

In our third edition, we'll focus on some of the hot curators we digged on Spotify you should definitely start following:

Streamlord media are perfect combination of heavy hiphop lovers and media wizards. They've turned their passion for the hiphop music culture an expertise and are all about getting new rap, trap and alternative new music out there. Their playlists are THE place to find out what's the latest happening in the scene.

Click here to submit your track to Fifth Circle or explore them on Spotify | Instagram

Behind OURPlaylists music curation is actually a young, uprising singer & producer, Raphaël Roberge. When the 22 y/o electro-soul-pop singer isn't making his own music, he's curating tight poppy playlists that gets whoever's in the mood into a futuristic pop party and gives the stage to the dancefloor's hits of tomorrow.

Click here to submit your track to Valley View Records or explore them on Spotify | Instagram

MySphera is a new community for starting musicians, beatmakers helping them to build the strong fanbase they need in order to step up their game.

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