The real reason your beat isn't getting enough love is...

There is nothing worse than putting time and effort in producing a hot beat and having it played 0 times.

TLDR: scroll to bottom to see our video!

Days pass, and you see your beat/song get no attention whatsoever, play count is locked on that ugly “0”.

You might start wondering if it’s because your music is not good enough, or your technique isn’t polished or, you just created something no one really cares about.

It might sound surprising but what’s probably holding your beat from reaching its full potential is actually the name you chose for it on Soundcloud / YouTube / BeatStars.

Yeah yeah, now you’re saying to yourself:

“STFU the title of my beat?? what the hell are you talking about”

We feel you, but this will all make sense soon.

Here’s why: 1. People search for keywords; Think about yourself for a sec, what words do you use on the search bar? (Keywords are the reason making this playlist didn't take 2 days).