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This dude can teach you how to make killer beats in less than 5 minutes!

If you’re one of those who’s starting to get their way around beats you probably already noticed the sick amount of tools, softwares and apps out there, each one with its own set of functionalities and demands its training time.

If you are looking for powerful beatmaking tutorials, effective tips to step up your production game than this guy’s your man!

Ed Talenti, beatmaker, drummer and composer who’s been making beats and music also for TV shows and movies started uploading tutorials to his Youtube channel that can teach you in a fast and easy way how to make beats with Ableton, Logicpro, Maschine, Akai and Github.

His series of tutorials have just what it takes to get you to the place you want: tight shots from multiple angels, clear and accurate guidance and most important, dope beats as the soundtrack.

If that’s not enough, his Instagram page is one of our personal favorite collection of beat-making pics and vids. His setups are killing it, weather indoors or out.

So whenever you wanna get some ideas, or inspiration, or get your way around a new tool, go to one of his pages, you’ll probably get what you came for!

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