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3 apps that can replace your home studio.

We know that finding that special music production app can be hard so we decided to point out three great options for all you aspiring producers.

The MPC had always been a weapon of choice in hip hop production, but the 400$++ price tag makes it pretty inaccessible for starting producers.

Luckily, there is a mobile version equipped with a massive sound library (1400++), 64 tracks capability, built in sampling/chopping tools and a price tag of less than 5$.

The Verdict: Great pricing, limited features.

Native instruments are one of the most dominant forces in production tools. So it’s not surprising that their mobile version of the Maschine doesn’t disappoint.

It offers 16 buttons for real-time beat production, a library of 400 sample sounds (25 kits, 10 projects), easy to use add vocals, built in keyboard and a live-mode sequencer.

The verdict: The perfect ratio between features and pricing.

Cubase is one of the top 4 daws out there. Their mobile version Cubasis is super app with loads of features.

From unlimited audio\MIDI tracks, 24 assignable ins and outs, high-quality resolution up to 24-bit/96kHz, mixer with FX, MIDI and audio loops built-in, to a sample and key editor.

The verdict: Cubasis truly has all the right features but the 20$ price tag makes it not for anyone.

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