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Active fans are happy fans.

Turn random audiences into loyal fans by making them count. Get them involved. Win their fandom <3

You can Stand


Spins pages combine the sharebility of Wordle, with the insights of pre-saves 

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Collect emails & engage your fans

Nerina transformed a single post to a full mailing list

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Engagement, hassle free.
Publish your first Spins page in as little as 3 minutes. Your first month is on us.


Get Inspired:


Next Song To Remix

Yehezkel Raz got his fans motivated to help him pick the next song of his to be remixed.


New Single Remix

John North found the perfect remixer together with fans.


Promote Merch

David Lapadat transformed the music he loves to an experience to grow monetization.


Upcoming Event

Grounded Festival turned the drive to the festival to an experience.


My Musical Journey

Or Biron showed her musical journey and got to discover who her most valuable fans are.


New Single Remix

Carl Cox turned his fans to ambassadors & found the perfect remixer to his next hit.


Boost Back Catalog

Kutiman gamified his back catalog and made his less familiar tracks shine.


Boost Back Catalog

Trojan Records boosted engagement, got to better know their fans musical taste and found hidden gems from their catalog.


Highlight Emerging Artists

CITIZEN:KANE made his music discoveries to an experience and boosted traffic 


Promote Merch

Moog Foundation turned a merch discount to an interactive musical journey to increase sales.


Upcoming Event

Louis Tomlinson got his fans hyped and sold more tickets for his show.


New Release

Nerina transformed a single post to a full mailing list, shares and new fans.

What Are You Waiting for?

  • What do I do after I started my campaign
    Nothing 🙌🏽 Our team will take care of everything and update you with any new feature / placement via e-mail.
  • Do you accept all music genres?
    Absolutely! we work with all kinds of music and so does our tastemakers.
  • Do you guarantee any features / placements?
    We first and foremost care about authenticity. This means our tastemakers add only music they love and we never push them to do otherwise.
  • Do you guarantee a specific number of streams on each feature?
    We do not have control on the number of streams each feature generates. Although streaming platforms do not give access to listening data we use different tools and musicians feedback to measure the impact of each tastemakers' feature.
  • What if my song doesn't get featured?
    If your song does not get featured during your campaign you will be eligible to a full refund. Learn more about our refund policy here.
  • It has been two weeks since my campaign started and I still haven't got a feature?
    Our Tastemakers often take time to interact with the track, so it takes some time from the moment of the match until they decide if to feature a track. More so, MySphera campaigns tend to start yielding features after 10-14 days.
  • What does "Minimum Potential reach" mean?"
    Potential reach estimates how many people are in a tastemakers' target audience through his social networks & social streaming accounts. Minimum potential reach is the minimum total audience size of the matched tastemakers through a single campaign.
  • Who are the MySphera tastemakers?
    Our tastemakers roster includes; Bloggers, djs, playlist curators, personal brands and music opinion leaders.
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