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Let's get your music to new audiences.

Nothing beats a human touch when it comes to music discovery.

What your music needs the most is that music head who's all about sharing your music with

as many people as possible.

But finding these special people is hard, and reaching out to them is even harder.

That’s where we step in, 

MySphera will connect your music to the most relevant tastemakers in a single click.

Just submit your track and we’ll take care of the rest.


Affordable plans to unlock new audiences for your music.


affordable way to reach new audiences.

$19.99 /track

Spotify playlist features

Minimum potential reach 2500

21 days campaign

Weekly updates




Boost your music’s reach across multiple platforms.

$29.99 /track

Spotify playlist features

Minimum potential reach 5000

30 days campaign

Weekly updates

Twitter features

Instagram Stories features


Save up to $15 and get multiple  premium campaigns 

$134.99 /5 tracks

Spotify playlist features

Minimum potential reach 5000

30 days campaign / track

Weekly updates

Twitter features

Instagram Stories features

most popular

What Artists say: 

  • While Kutiman keeps reinventing himself while exploring new musical realms, his potential to unlock new audiences is huge. MySphera's tools recognized that potential and expose Kutimans' latest album to new listeners via unconventional playlists.
  • As an artist I have had the chance to find, and connect with other people who appreciate my music and have added me to a bunch of cool playlists. I have seen real plays increasing on my Spotify artist account and I love that fact that real people are discovering my music thanks to Mysphera. 

    It's a solid 5/5 from me guys!

  • James Moore, 
    CEO Independent music promotions

    As a music marketer, my main concern is genuine progress for my artists. The engagement I've seen from MySphera tastemakers has been excellent. MySphera is also genuinely welcome to and effective for any musician - universal. It warms my heart to see such a social and practical approach in the indie music industry today.
  • Kenny Gourmet,

    Independent Artist

    It's was a blast working with  MySphera. I always looked forward to hearing weekly updates mentioning that my song "25" was placed on more playlists. I would definitely recommend MySphera to any musician who wants to get their music in front of different listeners and tastemakers

See us in action.

Our tastemakers make amazing content that helps music reach new audiences.
Let's connect them with your music.
The discovery playlist is the home of many unsigned artists found using mysphera by lefuture wave

Questions we hear a lot:

Do you accept all genres of music?

Absolutely! we work with all kinds of music and so does our tastemakers.

What do I do after I started my campaign?

Nothing 🙌🏽
Our team will take care of everything and update you with any new feature / placement via e-mail.

Do you guarantee any features / placements?

We first and foremost care about authenticity. This means our tastemakers add only music they love and we never push them to do otherwise.

What if my song doesn't get featured?

If your song gets no features during the campaign you’ll recieve a 50% refund. Learn more about our refund policy here.

What does "Minimum Potential reach" mean?

Potential reach estimates how many people are in a tastemakers' target audience through his social networks & social streaming accounts.
Minimum potential reach is the minimum total audience size of the matched tastemakers through a single campaign.

Who are the MySphera tastemakers?

Our tastemakers roster includes; Bloggers, djs, playlist curators, personal brands and music opinion leaders.

It has been two weeks since my campaign started and I still haven't got a feature?

Our Tastemakers often take time to interact with the track, so it takes some time from the moment of the match until they decide if to feature a track. More so, MySphera campaigns tend to start yielding features after 10-14 days.

Do you guarantee a specific number of streams on each feature?

We do not have control on the number of streams each feature generates.
Although streaming platforms do not give access to listening data we use different tools and musicians feedback to measure the impact of each tastemakers' feature.

Got anything else in mind? contact us here.