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Nothing beats a human touch when it comes to music discovery.

What your music needs the most is that music head who's all about sharing tunes with as many people as possible.

But finding these special people is hard, and reaching out to them is even harder.  

That’s where we step in. Mysphera is about to deliver your music to the doorstep of these people.

Just submit your track and we’ll take care of the rest.


What Artists say: 

As Kutiman keeps reinventing himself while exploring new musical realms, his potential to unlock new audiences is huge. MySphera's tools recognized that potential and expose Kutimans' latest album to new listeners via unconventional playlists.
Using MySphera was a blast AND a breeze! It's a solid entry-level playlist pitching service, best used to get some early momentum on a release if you're just starting out in the playlist game. I'm going to continue using this service, and I'm looking forward to growing together!
It's was a blast working with  MySphera. I always looked forward to hearing weekly updates mentioning that my song "25" was placed on more playlists. I would definitely recommend MySphera to any musician who wants to get their music in front of different listeners and tastemakers

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