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Meet NCODEX! The winner of our first beat contest.

NCODEX is a young producer from Algeria. He produces unique music from instrumental trap music to futuristic beats.

First thing first, huge respect to all the music producer and beatmakers who sent us music. You are the reason we do what we do and you always push us forward to find new ways to help out young musicians. But, as ya'll know there could be only one winner. Show your love to Nadir Yahiaoui aka NCODEX.

Based in Oran Algeria, NCODEX got the right moves when it comes to fly trap instrumentals.

His production style is versatile from melodic beats, smooth pads to blazing hot type beats and thanks to his signature styled drums we couldn't stop listening to his music.

His SoundCloud page might be young (his first track is "only" from 5 moths back) but trust us, you should keep a close eye on him because this beatmaker ain't staying underground for long.

His winning beat:

A fly trap instrumental:

XxxTentacion Type beat:

Follow NCODEX on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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