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The new age of Bay Area music

It’s easy to make assumptions about the artistry in the Bay Area when the culture of its music has made a lasting impression on the industry through rappers like E-40, Too Short and Mac Dre. However there is a new wave that is emerging here in the bay; one that’s far different than the Bay Area music and culture we have come to know and love.

Picture of Dima a rising talent from San Jose and a unique voice from in the California music scene

I’m Dima, a female musician and artist from San Jose, California. I have an upcoming mixtape that’s being released this June and I just released my second music video for my song “B.A.B.G. (Bay Area Babygirl)”, so you can say that I love music a lot and I love the Bay Area a lot.

I've come to know this place as my home, so I would like to introduce you to artists from the bay that are not only inspiring me, but that are also inspiring a new style and culture in the Bay Area.

Picture of Young Tsukune producer and music maker

Young Tsukune - Screw Up

Though this song has not been out for too long, it’s easily becoming one of my favorite songs and Young Tsukune is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. Tsukune’s music often relates to a lot of feelings of insecurity and fear of failure, yet he still manages to maintain a tone of optimism and positivity, leaving you with an almost nostalgic impression when first listening to him. I love this record and I love this artist.

picture of singer Ritty Bo from her single "Push Me Away"

Ritty Bo - Push Me Away

“Could you ever love someone like me? I’m so insecure, I’m so incomplete.” Now Ritty Bo is an artist I only recently discovered, but one thing is certain: be ready for Ritty. The opening line of her hit song "Push Me Away" drew me in from the get-go and a mysterious tone like hers only made me want to know more about her. The song was released right at the beginning of 2018 and what better way to start off the year? Though she doesn’t have much music out, the ones she has put out are true gems and it’s undeniable that she cares about her craft. Once again, and I cannot stress this enough, BE READY FOR RITTY.

Picture of Suhmeduh art for his track "American Boi"

Suhmeduh - American Boi

The only producer on this list and an extremely special one at that. Balancing between school, work, and music, it’s hard to think that Suhmeduh has any time to be creative at all, but he somehow still manages to do so. He incorporates a lot of cross-genres in his instrumentals; mostly a mix of Hip-Hop and Electronic music while still adding a professional yet authentic feel. Though his instrumentals usually don’t contain many lyrics, he’s been successful in portraying different emotions through his production and that’s something not many producers know how to accomplish well.

Picture of Bay Area disc jockey DJ Bitesize

Shoutout the girl bringing old school back and showing people what real a DJ does! She said it best in an interview actually. “Being a DJ is not just about playing music; it’s about playing with music.” Her scratch game is off the chain, y’all. She effortlessly merges old school music with the current allowing you to appreciate the development of it all. Regardless of age, if you listen to any of her mixes, I guarantee that you will discover some new jams to add to your playlist. And that is exactly what a DJ’s job is supposed to do.

picture of KINGS

KINGS - Hiding

I had to end this list off with an OG. Well at least to me that is. Kings is a truly independent artist that has been developing his sound for years now. Inspired by artists like Travis Scott, he utilizes autotune to push the boundaries of his music. He highlights a lot of dark moods in his music, but his track “Hiding” really gives you a look on who he is as an artist and what he went through. “I can tell you’re crawling through the mud and the dark and you’re still worrying about problems before they ain’t gotta hide ‘em out now.” Though most of his music is hype and definitely good for a night out, this is real and this is Kings.

The diversity in the Bay Area is undeniable and a new wave of style and culture in music is coming. Hope everyone is here to be a part of it. I know I will be.

You can check out Dima's latest video B.A.B.G and connect with her on Instagram / Twitter or Soundcloud to get all the latest shoutouts from Dima and the bay area

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