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The musician life - series of questions and answers for musicians by musicians.

the musician life, a guide towards music from musicians by musicians
the musician life, a guide towards music from musicians by musicians

The guide below was curated by MySphera through a collection of Twitter threads from our profile. In each of these threads we asked artists about their creative process, music consumption habits and growth as professional music maker. We've received great responses from artists of all sizes; Each coming from different musical backgrounds, career stages and genres.

At MySphera, we believe the best way to learn is always through experience, it can be your own or other's.

Besides that, we recommend ya'll check each the profile for each of the artists; besides sharing some powerful insights they all make amazing music.

So, get comfortable, take a deep breath and let's get to it! 1. What's the first thing you do when you start a new song?

Open Serum and play chords until I find a progression I connect with. Tap a bpm then record. Drop in new MIDI tracks and start layering in elements until I have something of a chorus section. Drop in percussion & side-chain, pump transients etc. Hot-swap these for hours. @Svenssko

Sing it in my head over and over, creating terrible lyrics in my head which change rapidly, then sit down at a piano and play something that is similar but completely different, round and round, until next door bang on the walls and still the song’s not right, and I can’t sleep. @LEDinosaurs

2. What's your personal favorite format for releasing music (Album, Single, EP)?

I agree with @DeadMethodUk, an #EP is more than a taste, but not an overwhelming 4-course meal. Ppl don't mind 12-15 straight minutes of you. @waleadefela

3. What was the most valuable tip you got when you started your music career?

Learn the Music Business, learn how to actually get paid, publishing, how to work in studio. @ThaBoogeymen

Always try to put out your best quality. Don't rush it. @ComoBrosBand

“Even Drake didn’t start out with a million fans. You’ll get there, just don’t quit” @socalking98

To take advice and opinions with a grain of salt. Even the worst criticism can have a useful bit of merit, just like the biggest compliment can be completely hollow. Basically take things into consideration, but never too seriously. @SemiIntentional

Get your own recording studio and invest and hour a day minimum, and don’t expect to be good until you’ve FULLY FINISHED about 50 songs or so. @KingAllOnMyOwn

Never worry what an audience will make of your songs, if they sit on a 4 track gathering dust or stay inside your mind they're dead....Get out there , play as many shows as possible....Enjoy what you do! If the band are having fun, the crowd will have fun! @thewhippetbeans

Keep writing everyday, keep living and keep loving. Follow this formula and you're set. @sodown4thecause

4. What's your main source of inspiration when creating music?

actively looking for new music that you love to keep on repeat @FutureDotWav

My own experiences are my main inspiration. I find that when I try to tell my stories, I get inspired to create authentically :) @swakhilemusic

If I’m writing a bunch of songs I want the next song to sound different to the last one or have a different vibe. So I switch up the tempo or instruments or mess around with a different key until I hear the seeds of something that sounds interesting to my ears. I then work it. @JohnYourMate

Honestly, other music I listen to and movie/ TV show scenes. I can watch something, listen to the music used and say "That can be better". I reimagine it and create my version. @ricwritesstuff

4. What's the first skill every aspiring musician should learn?

Patience, you really have to make the hours to get better @VibrationAir

Have ambitious dreams. Don't let yourself become a slave to the hunt for fame. Do it because it's fun...for you! @bcpmusic1

Timing. You can have all the tools but if you don’t get patterns, beats, rhythm, etc. down, the music will be a jumbled mess.@ricwritesstuff

Listening-- is a good start to know You wanna do what you like you heard @allatomic

How to write an emotionally impactful lyric or phrase for sure @AlexisReyes139

Develop an ear for sound by always listening to everything around you. It's all music! @NormariaBand

That's all folks! until next time.

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