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The 25 smart link tools musicians and digital creators must know.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

If you are using social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram or Snap, you probably know what is a "Link in Bio" or have seen a "smart link".

It is no secret social platforms work long and hard to keep users in their apps. Often, these platforms build new features or curate highly tailored feeds, but in other cases, omitting specific features are the way to keep users in these platforms.

Instagram, similar to other platforms, limits their users to a single external link in their profile.

From this limit, the idea of the smart link or bio link rose: A single page that holds inside other links.

"The concept for these services rose from a constraint of most social media apps: users can only add one link to their bios. For creators, this can be especially cumbersome as they try to direct fans to other social accounts, personal websites and online merchandise stores. So startups stepped in to offer a single link that leads to a customizable landing page where people can share multiple links." Kaya Yurieff

Through the years, platforms offering smart links & links in bio evolved to something much greater than a routing tool for creators. Nowadays, most services & platforms in the field offer fully customizable micro-websites, embeddable apps, and monetization tools.

This evolution made these links a must for creators online and resulted a crowded space full of platforms, tools & services.

When writing this blogpost we came across 38 different platforms that offer smartlinks solutions for creators.

Some smart links platforms are more focused on musicians, others on Twitchers.

Our goal is to provide you with the main features each platform has so, you can choose the best smart link or link in bio solution for your needs.

Smart linking platforms for musicians and music related content creators.

When it comes to smart links, the needs of musicians (or music professionals) are quite different then other content creators.

Musicians have listenable content across different music streaming platforms, n