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Tastemaker spotlight - Kid Crayola

I actually listen to the music I mix you can catch me singing the lyrics while mixing. @KidCrayola

Get ready for another tastemaker highlight!

This time we had the pleasure to chat with Canada based DJ, playlist curator and top notch content creator - Nakishah-Reed a.k.a Kid Crayola!

We talked about the music in 2020, content creation in the digital era, what songs she can't stop listening and singing over the mix.

Now, let's get to the interview!

What kind of music do you listen to and where do you discover music?

I listen to all kind of music from Haitan Kompa to Funk carioca, Afrobeats, Dancehall ,Hip Hop, R&B Pop, etc . I have no boundaries when it comes to music if it makes me feel good the beat is right ill listen to it. I discover music using Shazam when I'm in the streets, Spotify with the “Made for you playlist”, Apple music, surfing the world wide web and of course being a tastemaker for MySphera.

kid crayola in the mix

What is the trend you think will take over the music scene in 2020?

Musical trend right now is challenges. Artist love to promote their songs with challenges.

Oh and we’re going to hear a lot of samples from the 90’s 00’s.

What tip would you give musicians trying to elevate their game?

Make music for you and make you you have an amazing producer because the producer will make or break your song. Try to step outside the box nobody loves a copy paste artist. Definitely interact with your supporters and always give them great visuals.

You are both a DJ and playlist curator, is there a difference between the music you listen to at home and the music you DJ?

Yes & No the songs I listen at home are my guilty pleasures sometimes I'll play them in the club to see peoples reaction. I actually listen to the music I mix you can catch me singing the lyrics while mixing.