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Tastemaker spotlight - Hot Tub DJ

Mysphera new spotlight on hot tub dj

2020 is just around the corner but we're not slowing down!

Time for another spotlight, this time we chatted with Hot Tub DJ - a veteran tastemaker from our roster!

Hot Tub is Canadian multi instrumentalist, DJ and producer Ryan Krumins.

Both a music lover and musician, his live sets feature live acoustic guitar & keys over carefully selected house, future bass and original songs with the dance floor in mind.

We had the pleasure picking his brain about tips for musicians, future of the music industry and the art of DJing.

Without further ado, let's get started.

What kind of music do you listen to and where do you discover music?

I love electronic music! I am a huge fan of house music (deep, tech, funky) as that’s the type of music that I produce / DJ these days.

I discover music from Spotify and Soundcloud mostly, and I’ve discovered a few great tracks through MySphera for my Chill House Spotify playlist! I also follow a large number of producers on social media and regularly check out their new music.

What is the trend you think will take over the music scene in 2020?

I think streaming will continue to grow in 2020. There will be more and more independent playlist curators who are able to build large followings and contribute to the discovery of new music.

Artists can leverage this trend by creating their own playlists and becoming tastemakers in their own right. It’s a great way to promote other artists and get your name out there.

What tip would you give musicians trying to elevate their game?

My one tip for any producers looking to get better is to finish as many tracks as possible.

If you’re a musician that’s been relying on producers your whole life, you can be your producer!

Nowadays anyone can learn to produce music with a laptop with a DAW (I use Ableton) and there are a million tutorial videos out there on Lynda and YouTube.

My one tip for any producers looking to get better is to finish as many tracks as possible.

It’s easy to get bogged down in trying to learn every single plugin or watch every tutorial video, but it’s in the creating process that you get better.

Trust the process and look to more experienced producers for regular feedback! Also, add a reference track from a successful producer as a separate track in your session and quickly A/B test between your track and theirs to identify what elements need to change (i.e. kick, snare, hi-hat, etc). This is a great way to train your ears!

You are both a DJ and a producer, is there a difference between the music you create and the music you DJ?

It depends! Some of the music that I’ve produced is more suitable for a chill lounge setting, but my more recent productions have found their way into my sets at clubs and parties.

How do you feel the art of DJing translates to the digital era?

The digital era has made searching for music easier than ever for DJs. Instead of digging through the crates in record stores, DJs have access to millions of songs online from an unlimited number of producers. Newer digital controllers have made DJing more accessible than ever, but they open up new ways to get creative with mixing.

You are a playlist curator and a DJ, What do you think is the main difference between a mix and a playlist?

Playlists are built for a specific mood, and mixes are more about taking you on a journey from start to finish. Mixes tend to have a wider variety of songs in them (more relaxed, higher energy) to achieve this, playlists quite often have songs in a more similar vibe.

Name 3 platforms you can't live without.

Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram.

Which album/song/ep are you listening to on repeat?

I’m really enjoying the album Reunion by Fejká at the moment. It’s great chill house music with awesome atmospheres and production.

And be sure to check his website for more updates!

That's all folks! until next time.


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