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Playlist Curation in 2023: The Latest Trends and Strategies in Music Discovery

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Table Of Contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. The enduring power of playlists in 2023

  3. The Rise of Micro-Genres in Playlists

  4. Catering to specific subcultures and sonic preferences

  5. Niche micro-genres and specific curation

  6. NFTs in Playlists

  7. Tokenizing playlists with NFTs

  8. Revenue generation and new avenues for playlist curators

  9. Spotify's pilot with NFTs for playlists

  10. Playlists for Communities and Influencers

  11. Tailoring playlists to niche communities and influencers

  12. Providing exposure to emerging artists and fostering a sense of belonging

  13. Embrace TikTok

  14. Integrating playlists with TikTok

  15. Creating complementary content to engage and grow your followers

  16. Conclusion

  17. The evolving landscape of independent playlist curators and music discovery in 2023.


It’s 2023, and alongside so many things that are happening, from Generative AI tools, socials that keep evolving, and much more, playlists still remain a powerful tool for music discovery and curation.

In the landscape of music playlists, independent curated playlists are responsible for over a quarter of the listening time spent by people to playlists. If you are an enthused music lover who loves exploring and sharing music, we got you covered - with the latest trends shaping the world of independent music tastemakers and curators, that will help you position yourself and grow your audience.

The Rise of Micro-Genres in Playlists:

One significant trend witnessed in recent times is the rise of micro-genres within playlists. As music tastes become more niche and personalized, playlists are evolving to cater to specific subcultures and sonic preferences. Users in general (and Gen-Zers in particular), are becoming more specific when it comes to their musical preferences, and therefore showing more interest in playlists that are less “generic”.