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Introducing MySphera soundcloud charts

Mysphera best beats and songs on soundcloud in 2018

Soundcloud is a long MySphera favorite when it comes to new music discovery. We spend days and nights on the platform searching for the best playlists, top songs and the freshest underground artists.

Since we started MySphera, Soundcloud introduced us to artists of all the genres we love; from trap, to lo-fi hip hop - We could always count on Soundcloudto get us to the unknown artist whose music is next level while he is still completely underground.

We would stack loads of music, hearing more and more quality songs with little thought about sharing our amazing discoveries.

No more! we keep all this musical goodness to ourselves.

We decided that It's time for a new Soundcloud playlist; One that does justice to the starting musicians who are responsible for so much of the good music out there - The unknown rappers, bedroom producers and fresh of the boat singers.

Every month we will create two playlists, one with the top beats we found and the second with the best tracks made all by soundclouds' finest.

Each playlist will have no genre or style limitations, pop, trap, lo-fi hip hop or jazz, it could be a remix or an original, a type beat or a club stomper - if your music got the special flavor you're in!

How can your music be selected:

1. MySphera crew members will stumble upon your music.

2. DM us your music to our Soundcloud / Twitter / instagram or submit your music here

Now, without further ado - Here are the Tunes / Beats that got us hooked in February 2018.


1. DIMA — 'B.A.B.G.' (prod. Phil-Harmonic)

In two tags: #lo-fi #soul

Top notch nu-soul with a next level beat, get familiar with Dima now, before it's too late.

2. △ Laura △ — Anyway

In two tags: #melodic #indie-pop

Deep emotional sounds from terrific vocalist and songwriter Laura.

3. AgogoOfficial — D.W.A.M (Don't Worry About Me)

In two tags: #Tanzania #hip-hop