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MySphera March 2018 Chart

our favorite tracks from soundcloud rappers and singers on march 2018
our favorite beats from soundcloud creators on march 2018

SoundCloud was kind to us on march! A lot of fly tunes and beats came our way.

We curated two playlists, one with our favorite 10 tracks and the other with 10 beats for all you beat heads out there.

Genres and styles go far and wide, we got soul, lo-fi, melodic trap and electronic music, one thing is for sure these artists are the future.


1. Glow Morgan — 06.Gtown2M.D.A

In two tags: #indie #hip-hop

Dope track by the South African rapper Glow Morgan, a nice combination of his flow with the beat.

2. Rachad — Best Friend

In two tags: #future #soul

Slick futuristic soul from Australia native Rachad, the catchy chorus will stay with you for a while, trust us.

3. Yung Shinra — Weeknd In Santa Monica

In two tags: #emo #hip-hop

Indiana native Yung Shinra track has a strong lil Lotus flavor, heavy auto-tuned hip hop.

4. Yung Jay — Kick Back

In two tags: #funk #trap

A bass heavy interpretation of Michael Jacksons' "Billie Jean" with lofi trap vocals from the Georgia rapper Yung Jay.

5. Frontlines Ft. GG Magree — (ceaseless. Remix)

In two tags: #futurebass #EDM

Dope remix to Zeds Dead and NGHTMRE track frontline by the upcoming producer Ceaseless.

6. Zain — Buffet (ft AkTheEscapist & LloydTheGreat)

In two tags: #lo-fi #trap

Another fly track from MySpheras' favorite Zain, heavy grim atmosphere with a strong beat.

7. cCam RY — {4845}/bBlu Dreamz

In two tags: #Southern #trap

Deep vibes from Memphis native cCam RY with heavy southern flavor.

8. forvillian — Martain - TurboModeToni

In two tags: #indie #rap

Super lofi rap from the US duo, they might be young but they sure deliver.


In two tags: #children #trap

This three kids from South Africa know what's good! slick beat with high energy.

10. Billionaireboysdna — BILLIONAIRE BOYS DNA COPY RIGHT

In two tags: #experimental #pop

Broken experimental electronics from Germany, not your average pop song.


1. Odji — South Central

In two tags: #piano #lofi

Killer vocal sample and piano hook, we've been on this one for days!

2. Gen2Beats — 'Jazzy'

In two tags: #jazzy #lofi

Horns heavy, mellow, smooth beat from France.


In two tags: #BrysonTiller #mellow

Deep soul trap beat from the UK based Master T, crazy chill vibes.

4. CoreyF Beats — GAIJIN

In two tags: #asian #trap

Slick oriental flavored beat, dope sample with strong drums, what more do we need?

5. Zvrra — dy n a m i c w a l l p a p e r

In two tags: #idm #futuristic

this one is not your average beat, with elements from idm to deep electronics Zvrra created a truly unique experience through her sound.

6. abentis — 060 Choum

In two tags: #mellow #soulful

deep chill vibes with a powerful vocal hook straight from Japan, be ready on the repeat button!

7. SLYRAX — Feel

In two tags: #trap #wavy

Heavy drums on this one! menacing trap instrumental with nice pads.

8. Alex Phith — Big Money

In two tags: #electronica #deep

futuristic vibes with strong drums and nice keys sequence.

9. GEEKYY — Underground

In two tags: #trap #rough

Bass heavy rough trap beat with killer strings!

10. Rapson — Skyrim's theme(Rapson remix)

In two tags: #Electronic #dubstep

Heavy bass on this dubstep stomper!

Listen to the full playlists here:

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