Hiphop wave is taking over Instagram

Instagram is keeping it on top for quite some time now.

The all visuals platform has become not only the source of what's happening, but the source for what's good: By using the combo of hashtags, vids, and stories, users can get a decent slice'n'dice setting and explore the up and coming in any genre you're looking for.

One in particular is the hiphop wave that's been dominating the scene in the past years. We took a roadtrip on Instagram and brought back 3 new figures you should be following asap if you wanna know what's about to happen in the lofi hiphop scene:

Khellisimusic, hiphop, lofi producer, beats, singer, instagram influencer

The multitalent Producer-Singer-Video maker

Although she just turned 20, Khellisi already acting like the pro she is:

Her IG page shows off her production process with her MPC, cutting and slicing stems on her PC and uploading major vibes.

Oh, and her constantly changing hairstyle and color.

Check out the style and the groove, we're definately sticking around for more to come.

The Rapper - Producer

Zman The multi-talented rapper who draws all his art by himself, is also responsible for his own beats. He made some of the dopest tunes we heard in the past few weeks, and we still can't believe he's only 15 y/o. Turn it up for this lofi-dream tune