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MySphera guide to high quality content as explained by content creators.

Updated: May 9, 2022

table of content:

  1. Why creating content is hard.

  2. What does quality mean.

  3. Example for quality content.


Creating a high quality content is a challenge most creators face.

From finding the perfect idea, adding the right copy or image, to understanding which format will drive the most traffic - mastering content creation is hard work, that takes time and practice.

First, there is a huge gap between uploading any content to uploading high-quality content - a digital asset that will lead new audiences & engage existing ones.

Secondly, many think high-quality content is equal to nice visuals. That's only part of the story, visuals are only one factor out of many.

In our opinion, high-quality content means 3 things;

1. Content that engages your current audience, and drives your users for a certain action - Purchase, subscription or listen for example.

2. Content that drives new people to become fans - from viewers to followers.

3. Content that sparks a discussion or viral reaction: Comments, shares, etc.

The problem is, content is much more than just an image, video or text. Content involves ideation, creation & promotion.

What does that mean?

  • Ideation - The concept, theme or subject for your content.

  • Creation - How to wrap your in the most effective way. It could be finding cool visuals, using a unique feature or inventing a new format.

  • Promotion - Amplifying the impact of your content, how to make it reach the most eyes possible. There is a lot of amazing content and a finite amount of eyeballs. Without promotion your content will have limited reach.

Our Example for high-quality content:

If you're looking for an amazing case study, check out the story of Verzuz - A live showdown between two artists catalogs. We feel it's a prime example of a great idea, perfect creation / execution & top promotion efforts.

We feel that the best way of learning is through experience. So, we sat down for a short interview with a few creators we love and asked them for tips & ideas.

A big thanks for Anna Awe, Peter Spacey & Edgar Allan Poets (EAP) for their time and answers.

Which aspect of creating content for your socials do you find most challenging, and why (ideation, creation, promotion)?

Peter Spacey: "Promotion is the aspect that I find most challenging. As a creator, I’m coming up with ideas flawlessly every day, every minute, so ideation comes up pretty naturally. This is the same case with creation, which is another huge part of what I do.

Promotion is kinda out of my native zone and profession. That's why it's

the one aspect out of the 3 which I’m constantly developing.

More so, sometimes I'll use an external source - a specialist, service or a platform.

I’m an independent artist and doing everything by myself, so it’s not a real barrier, I work it out and it’s part of the whole 360 that I'm taking care of daily.

But if I had to choose the most challenging one out of those 3, this would be the one."


EAP: "Usually creation, I need to find the right visuals and words to describe a song or a piece of art."


Anna: "One of the biggest challenges of creating content for my socials is getting people to click the links, or follow another call to action. I do get good engagement with the posts themselves, but people don’t always click to listen to a full track or playlist.

Another challenge is how time consuming creating posts can be. I am first and foremost a singer/songwriter and DJ/playlist curator. That is where I try to commit most of my time and energy. But, it can take hours just to find the right font and set up animation for an Instagram post."


How do you manage your social content timeline?

Peter Spacey: "I’m actually starting from the big picture, managing my future timeline and then, the social content timeline will be derived out of it.

Let's say I have a release scheduled for next month, first I'll create a list of things that I should do:

​2 weeks prior to the release date

Share pre-save link

On release day

​Sharing the album art with the multilink

First days after the release date

Video content featuring the process of working on the release with a link to the music.

Week after the release date

​Extra visual content such as Music Visualizer to Music Video

Month after the release date

​Sharing some highlights related to the release: articles/blog posts, playlist Placements, user generated content & fan art (Video Creators, TikTok/Influencers…)

I use this timeline to manage the social content timeline in case of a music release.