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Ever wondered what does a unicorn sound like?

Tekashi69Guess 's music wouldn't be the first thing that'll pop to you mind. But the 21 y/o rapper's rise to fame is most definitely not only because of his rapping skills, but a lot thanks to his colorful, extroverted explicit visual style.

Weather you'e a musician, producer or beatmaker, your sounds, as lit as they get, might end up getting lost for all wrong reasons. Now's your time to reverse it.

Welcome to the artwork revival.

billie elish graphical language example

Just like your daily routine goes through Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, think about the other hundreds of millions of users who're flipping their eyes through dozens of graphic posts, videos and stories every day. So many opportunities for you to literally push your music to their faces with single / album artwork that'll stand out and get them to click on it!

So what's the next thing you're about to do?

mpc graphic

1. Pair up with a visual artist.

Just like Lil Uzi paired with Farris, now it's your turn. Their out there, and they're pretty amazing. You can use Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and more to find some young creative visual artist which their style reflects your vibe. Your artistic language has a lot to say about your music and you as an artist.

missy elliott 8bit icon

2. Keep it up with the artistic trends.

While artists like Billie Ellish and Grimes adapted the eclectic, colorful style, others like 21 Savage and Young Thug are mainly identified with their avatar 8bit visuals. Check out what's hot and find the style you identify with the most to go with your music.

3. Integrate your visual presence everywhere you can.

for every tune / beat you put out there, weather on SoundCloud, Beatstars, Bandcamp or others, make sure it has the artwork to support it. Grow your visual presence as much as possible, and get more traffic to your tunes.

You can start right now by checking out some young hot artists we picked up from our IG crusing -->

At MySphera we're building a new community for starting musicians, producers and visual artists, helping them to scale up by joining forces and taking it together to the next levels.

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