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An interview with Savvas Thomas aka Dub Thomas from Dubophonic label

Dub-o-phonic logo, the dub specializing label from Cyprus

At MySphera, we're always searching for unique labels, artists and musical genres.

We spend a lot of our time digging online blogs, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube in order to find music that'll please our ears, luckily one of these discovery tours led to us discovering Dubophonic - A truly unique dub music label with a very distinct vision.

We reached out and quickly got a response from label owner - Savvas.

Shortly after we scheduled a short interview to learn about what is Dubophonic, why dub and how artists nowadays should use the digital space to promote their music.


Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Savvas Thomas from Cyprus. I’m the owner of Dubophonic label, a radio broadcaster and a dj. Since I was a child music had always been a big part in my life.

As a child the music I was mainly exposed to was mainstream Greek music and western pop via radio, That changed when I moved to Germany for my studies, there I started expanding my musical horizons - discovering Jazz, World Music, Indie Rock, Electronic music and Reggae.

Reggae became a passion of mine, I started investigating it, learning all the different aspects of it and Dub felt like it brought every music genre that I loved together.

Cyprus is not the first place that comes to mind when you speak of Dub or Reggae, how did you come up with the idea of opening a label dedicated to these genres?

At the time I was djing alot abroad, so I was always searching for new music.

When I came back to Cyprus,I founded a radio station with a friend who was producing music He told me to open a net label, I did not know what it was, luckily the internet was there to help - and learned how to operate a record label.

The idea for a Dub label came as I felt that Dub had a lot of affect on other genres, like electronic music or world music, and my goal was to explore the genre borders though the music I release. After my vision for the label was clear I created a site and started Dubophonic.

Production style, Digital or Analog are you preferring one over the other with the artists you sign?

King Tubby in studio analog dub production style

Digital / Analog does not matter!

Our goal is to focus on the art of Dub music and the many diverse forms it can be made in.

We at Dubophonic love all the forms of Dub, from modern takes, to roots and classical dub.

Exploring the borders of dub music is one of the things we really love doing, there are so many influences.

Could you name three musical influences on your label?

Only three?! No way! Can I pick three scenes instead? The UK scene, The Jamaican Scene and the early jazz scene. Sorry it’s just impossible to pick only three artists.</