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Artist Spotlight - KairozMusic

KairozMusic Artist Spotlight

It's time for another MySphera Artist Spotlight, where we interview artists we love, to learn about their creative process, their life as musicians & how they promote music in the digital age. This time we chatted with Timothy Worthington a.k.a KairozMusic!


1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Timothy Worthington. I am a producer and I produce house/EDM music. You can find me on Spotify under the name of KairozMusic.

After a break of more then 10 years I started to make music again in November 2016. Can't wait to see what will happen in the future. 2. What got you started with music?

I always loved music. I played the drum when I was a teenager. When I discovered Cubase and with that I could make my own beats, that's when it all started. I used to listen to rap and R&B in those days so I made rap music , R&B and dancehall. 3. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?

Most of the times I start with finding a chord progression then it depends how my creativity flows. Making a melody-line, finding a bass-line or work on the drums.​ 4. Can you please share 5 influences on your music (not necessarily musicians)?

- Eminem: started as an underdog rapper. Wanted to prove everyone wrong that he would't make it. And he did, he is now one of the greatest rappers.

- Dr. Dre: His productions were always dope

- Jack Wins, he is a very talented producer, great DJ and a very nice guy

- Making great memories with my wife and kids. This has a great effect in my music.

- My producer friends: they are always very honest with their feedback and they should. Feedback will always give you new insights about your productions. 5. What are 3 platforms you can't live without?

- Spotify

- Netflix

- Youtube 6. label or independent?


7. YouTube or Spotify?

Spotify 8. What are your goals when you release a new album/song?

To make a track sound always better then the previous one. 9. How do you achieve them?

By asking for feedback to my producer friends or friends/family. 10. Can you share a personal advice to all the upcoming musicians out there?

Sure: be nice be humble. Don't think you can just blow up in a year. It takes time.

Don't give up. And have fun making music.

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