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Announcing MySphera Spins - your new promotion tool to boost engagement, exposure and monetization

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect idea to promote your next song, live show or album reveal?

If the answer is yes, this one is for you. We are thrilled to finally announce a new product under the MySphera umbrella.

Get familiar with MySphera Spins promotions!

Our new tool is to help musicians, labels & content creators reach new fans, engage audiences, and expand monetization - all through the power of music.

So what are MySphera Spins promotions?

MySphera Spins are interactive webpages where your fans can interact with music, share their feedback, get rewards & unlock exclusive content.

Why did we build MySphera Spins?

Finding new ways to empower musicians and content creators has always been one of our primary goals. That being said, when we saw many musicians find exposure & engagement challenging.

With MySphera Spins, we want to empower content creators and musicians alike, to create better experiences to their audience. All, in an affordable and easy to use way.

When should you use MySphera Spins Promotions?

Whenever you like! With MySphera Spins can help you promote your next concert, upcoming live stream, new single release, merchandise drop or just give you an interactive framework to easily create & share engaging content.

The benefits of using MySphera Spins:

  1. Better ways to announce your next show, a new single, or a merch drop.

  2. Less time struggling to find the perfect content to share.

  3. Strengthen the connection with your audience and discover your top fans.

  4. Less time searching for engaging formats.

  5. Built-in share options to help you generate viral loops.

  6. A simpler way to collect emails and share exclusive content.

  7. Access to dozens of promotion templates for every occasion.

  8. Unique audience insights.

How do you start using MySphera Spins?

At the moment, Spins is still in development. You can lock your spot in our early access group by signing up here.

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