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How to maximize your Youtube presence and grow as a musician

Rewind back to 2009: A genius, stuborn producer was sitting at his home for few months, diggin in the depths of the Youtube ocean, to create one o the world's then to be seen masterpieces hailing from the online platform.

That's "Thru-you" I'm talking about, the viral album made by Kutiman, assembling hundreds of relatively anonimous musicians he has found through searching Youtube into funky-groove tracks.

That sensation put these musicians in the spotlight and earned them massive traffic.

fast forward to 2015, when Kutiman's second viral project was released, one lady, Princess shaw, got to become the star of a movie by being noticed on Youtube.

Youtube has been for years the go-to platform for almost anything your mind comes ups with. and it ain't going nowhere.

So if you're paving your way now as a musician or producer, don't miss out on Youtube.

Few ways you can get in the groove

1. Tutorials

Just managed to come up with a sensational new beat? Nailed that fresh groove to match your new track? Show the world how you did it!

Many aspiring producers and musicians search on Youtube all kind of tutorials, from producing to mixing to promoting. Uploading tutorials will not only generate for you more content online but can expand your followers and earn you a pro reputation.

2. Share a cover track / Type beat

Yeah yeah, we know, this one's probably the most obvious one out there. But thing is, it never gets old. Actually, it only gets more powerful.

We all know how Justin Bieber got discovered. Like him, many young artists became famous over night due to a cover they uploaded on Youtube. Latest addition to Beyonce's rooster includes sisters Chloe & Halle who got discovered, through a cover video they did to one of Queen B's songs.

Exposing your music or production skills through covers or type beat can easily grant you with more exposure. Check out one of our favorite new voices out there of Sidney Kohler

3. Create your music channel

If you've got the passion not only for making music, but also for creating creative content, making videos, generate satirical content and more, you can use your music exactly for that.

Just like Reggie Watts, Youtube enables you to create your very own channel on Youtube, and generate any content you'd like to empower your music by.

One of our favorite channels is Lukach's, the Tel-Aviv based eccentric rapper, YouTuber, actor and writer, who hit over 1M views on Youtube, who maintains a highly ative Youtube channel for few years. His sassy channel gained so much attention he landed his very own series on MTV.

Lukach and MySphera teamed up to run an exclusive Beat contest, that offers producers to submit a beat and get a chance their beat will feature Lukach's next hit!

Check out more about the beat contest here and submit your beat!

MySphera is a new community for starting musicians, helping them to build the strong fanbase they need in order to step up their game.

Join MySphera here

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