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Don't let the age fool you

In recent years we're seeing more and more very young artists and producers collabing with A-lists artists, such as Kendrick Lamar's track produced by 18 y/o Steve Lacy, Famous Dex teaming up with 16yrold and also da Queen B herself who took under her wings the teenage sensation Chloe X Halle after running by their vids on Youtube.

It's no surprise to us; more and moe teenage producers and musicians are getting involved with production apps and tools and to make tight, inovative and catchy sounds like never before.

One of these prominent producers is Saken.

The California based who was born in Australia has been producing since the age of 10. He's a self taught multi-instrumentalist who by the age of 16, has already released his first album and will soon release his second.

Saken's musical range goes from new age ambient electronics to acid, psych jazz, blends influensials from Aphex Twin, Thundercat to Flying Lotus.

We keep a close eye on him and can't wait to see who's gonna be the lucky atists to collab with him. In the meanwhile, check out his tunes, you won't regret it.

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