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The beats that'll get you twitting - Part II

Twiter, take II. So much fresh, fine tunes to explore through this platform, which sometimes feels even better than Youtube with it's brill usage of tagging, link sharing and the crazy varity of musicians and producers using it to share their new sounds.

On our second blogpost in this series, we'll share new tunes we just discovered, and the artists behind them, which you'd definately wanna get to know sooner than later:

This Arizona homie is one of the facsinating rising hip hop beat makers, producing core badass beats from his major vibey homestudio. Get locked 👉

This producer's been around for 10 years, no wonder his beats sound so slick. You can check'm out and connect with him on almost any social media platform out there, he's on it!

If you're into core rap music, this guy has a lot of it coming out your way.. n.Prye's been uploading plenty of tracks of dope hiphop rapping, we're keeping our wyes to see what's gonna be his next tune.

Closing our Twitter discoveries - chapter II, is the South-African duo, blending neo-soul sounds with influenced vibes of legends Erykah Badu and the Fugees. We got locked after hearing this tune, hit the button!

Stay tuned for some more bursting producers from Twitter and tips for how to curate your perfect playlist while twitting!

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