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The beats that'll get you twitting - Part I

Twitter. This platform's been around for so long it already became a part of our day to day game, just like brushing teeth. And still, there're the new the reasons that popnup and keep us twitiing. One of them is - beats.

Twitter is a great spot to find new hot beats and their producers, here're a few we discovered recently and got addicted right away:

The Toronto based hip hop producer & rapper is dropping out new tracks that are raising the temperature up in snowy Toronto, check'm out

This producer- singer hailing from Rego Park, US, is gaining more and more followers each day, and there's a real good reason for that, hit play on her hiphop beats and u'll dig it

This NYC dude's on fire. This upcoming rapper and trap producer's burning it, we looped this track ovr and over, prepare yourself to get addicted

Stay tuned for some more bursting producers from Twitter and tips for how to curate your perfect playlist while twitting!

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