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Three young producers to watch

Soundcloud is one of our favorite spots for digging fresh music, so we thought about sharing

some luv to our new favorite producers.

1. JG Beats / London, United Kingdom
fire all the way! each beat on JG's soundcloud page will make your jaw drop.
Our fav: "Escape"
2. Daniel Adams / San Jose, United States
D. Adams is making top beats, cooking dope remixes and dropping some hot rhymes - he got it all.
Our fav: Goosebumps remix
3. GRIZZO_901 / Memphis, United States
GRIZZO got some heavy tunes with the Memphis southern flavor - 100% fire guaranteed.
Our fav: SUPERSTARxxx
Catch them while they're still underground.
Support young talent: JG Beats | Daniel Adams | GRIZZO

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