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These Gals are taking off Instagram… With their beats!

It’s no secret that Instagram has long grew from being just the photos-social-network to a unique hybrid of photos, videos and audios for delivering content and updates.

That’s why it’s no surprise the burst of the video posts, followed by Instagram stories became a fantastic, new way for uprising creators to stand out.

For the musicians, beatmakers and visual artists on Instagram, music promoting their art is cheap, effective and with a higher reach than any other social network.

But getting your post viral on Instagram is no easy task.

In order to stand out, creators need to combine great and unique content with the right hashtags and engaging description.

And while some do just ok, others excel.

We decided to pick the best musicians we found on instagram. These talented female musicians do much more than just putting the right hashtags they create amazing content, and personally if you ask us, some big brands got a thing or two to learn from these ladies.

Kylas’ account is one of our favorites. The young singer/ beat maker from NYC is making her own music for quite a while, and documenting it pretty damn well!

Source: Kyla Imani, Youtube

Kyla posts tight footage of her lifestyle, fun activities and lit gang. Along that she’s taking advantage of Instagram’s amazing platform for exposing her followers to her Work In Progress videos while recording the at very own her bedroom. Ace!

This hip-hop / beats / r&b singer hailing from Tel-Aviv is uploading fun, colorful posts and provides a peak to her city gal musician lifestyle.

Obas Nenor Ft Jenny Penkin - My Intuition

Jenny shows a lot of support to her musician fellows as she documents them in her posts and by exposing them to her followers ( big up for that! ), her IG profile attracts more attention.

Although she rarely shares any video posts, her Stories usually document recording sessions and live shows, that expose her crowd of followers to her music. And it’s good stuff!

The tabla player / beat-maker IG account is a perky, unexpected and cool spot for inspiration. Why? Well, first, she plays Tabla. Awesome. Second, she travels to so many cool places, and knows how to make them look like the best spot ever in her pics. Third, she always look like she’s having so much fun making, recording and playing music. Plus her music is good!

Source: Instagram, Neybuu

Lastly, the account we expect will break out soon..

Tennin is one of our latest discoveries, but we have a strong bet on her. Hailing from France, Tennins’ b&w artistic posts and vids go well with her music style. Our recommendation - keep an eye on her.

As you can see Instagram is a powerful tool for creators.

In todays' music echo-system, every artist should also be a self promotion expert, so you open a page for your artistic self!

But keep in mind, the brightest stars of instagram work hard on creating top quality content, see how your favorite artists produce content, learn from them and share your content with the insta-world!

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