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49 seconds about the new streaming services wave that’ll help your music to get discovered!

Open your timer, get set, GO!

New mindset of streaming service - a cooperative of musicians, labels and listeners. They use a pay-as-you-play model, so artists earn more every time a subscriber streams a track till they reach the ninth hit - after that it becomes free.

How Resonate helps you?

Resonate opens up a different revenue model that, according to them, can end up cashing you additional profits that can double up what you would make in another streaming service. Plus, as your fans pay per play - it opens a new way of connecting with them.

Y’all probably know this one already, but hey, Boiler Room is the place where underground music shines, so stay on beat with what’s happening in the clubs.

How Boiler Room helps you?

So Boiler Room has a Radio Station, with top nightlife DJs and figures broadcasting shows on it…Second, they air live DJ sessions! Find your peeps, reach out and send them your music! You might get featured. And that’s major.

Rotation is the new and prominent platform in the streaming playground. On Rotation’s free music feed service users can tag the tracks that reside on Youtube by using tags, emojis, mood, pics, GIFs and more, making it a channel of reflecting their moments with music.

How Rotation helps you?

Rotation’s streaming service enables users to both find Youtube tracks based on tags and stream channels based on mood and to tag tracks on their own. So once you have a new track out, you can tag it with Rotation and stream many new listeners your direction who wouldn’t have found you on Youtube otherwise!

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