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Starting artist, get your music to these 20 platforms fast.

(TLDR: Scroll down to check our Video about our favorite three platforms.)

Yes, ya’ll know everything about Soundcloud, YouTube and Bandcamp but, sometimes the major players aren’t the ones which will benefit you most. The decision of where to upload your music is a critical one, nonetheless there is no single answer. Many platforms provide unique value, one you can not get nowhere else.

Some platforms offer great tools for music promotion, getting your music to a much wider audience, others, help with digital distribution bringing your tracks to pristine services such as apple music and spotify and some offer an active community of likeminded individuals where you can get feedback and sharpen your skills.

Our approach is always maximizing opportunities, but, those platforms are not magical solutions you will still need to invest some effort in them.

Don't just upload your music to all the platforms below if you got no time - you will see little results!

So how you should use this list? 1. think what your music needs - is it perfecting your sound and improving your production skills? or is it promoting your songs to a wider audience.

2. Choose 4-5 platforms which provide you the value you are looking for.

3. Start uploading your music.

4. Spend some time at each platform (at least one full month).

5. Not getting the results you wanted? Get back to the list and find an alternative.

As we said above, each platform on this list has a different agenda in terms of helping music creators.

To make our list easier to read, it's divided into three main sectors:

Hosting, Promotion and monetization.


Just like Soundcloud and YouTube. You upload your music and you get likes / reposts / shares from community members.

What are they good for: production tips, improving your music, getting feedback on pre-released tracks, collaborations.

Pros: Easy way to interact with other musicians and fans, a storage solution for your music, mostly free.

Cons: Time consuming, taking an active part is a key to success. logo - Did you ever feel like you needed more inputs on your music before uploading them to Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Youtube?