17 resources every musician should know.

Updated: Jan 7

mysphera collection of 13 blogs and publishers every music maker should know

With the rise of unique platforms empowering creators,

upcoming musicians find themselves overwhelmed with abundance of reading resources to choose from. Nowadays the average musician needs to master many skills that are not directly related to music creation.

From understanding online promotion to doing your own digital distribution and royalty collection there’s a lot to learn in very limited time. To make mastering of such skills easier we decided to collect our favorite knowledge bases every musician / band / beatmaker / singer / producer must know.

The sites listed below are the ultimate combo - a powerful service / product and a must read blog that has loads provide impactful knowledge.

MySphera’s team visits these blogs regularly and had learned a lot about promotion, distribution, organic growth & production from each of them.

To keep things simple we’ll add a brief description on each site, a list of few essentials from their blog and sometimes even a fresh tip from the blog’s editor.

Let’s get to it. There’s a lot to go over :)

1. Flypaper (Soundfly): The blog of Soundfly, the go to directory for musicians to learn new skills easily. Be sure to check all their “Hustle” posts.

Jeremy Young, Editor-in-Chief of Flypaper picks this article.

MySphera Essentials:

2. Work hard playlist hard: A podcast, e-book, playlist pitching site and an amazing resource for musicians in general from the mind of music veteran Mike Warner.

Mike's tip: “With Spotify’s new submission