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It's time to play!

Unlock rewards, Discover the hottest music, and Make an impact!
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I’m putting my bets on the artists you’re about to check out! Check them out & have them on your radar before everyone else, and... Get my next EP before it's released!

Undeground rock worldwide' playlist is full of music with no borders or boundaries. I bet it’s gonna level up with your take, share what you think and get into our Drollery Merch raffle

Which of these new releases should be on the same setlist as my music? Click to play, and unlock my unreleased music before everyone else!

Get a chance to win one of 5 'Maiar Music' NFTs, discover amazing music and share your take on the songs you love.

These are Geraldine Taylor's bets on the new big hits! Let her know what's your take

Check out and give your take on the songs that represent Paradox Hiphop the most , and get an exclusive link to my new EP!

Feel free to listen to Adeline Yeo's original music and explore together her creative musical journey.

Help shape the sounds of Soul Treasure records playlists, and get a 30% discount in our merch store!

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