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Welcome to MySphera, the matchmaker between your music and tastemakers.

I make music 🚀

I love music 💜

Some of our success stories:

Why Are You Here?

MySphera connects new music to the new age of content creators. All in a single click.


Artists, stop chasing bloggers, influencers, playlisters and get your music to the right tastemakers hassle free. So you can unlock new audiences, create digital assets, while keeping your focus on your art.

Tastemakers, we’ll connect you with fresh music both you and your audience can identify with. you can empower your brand, grow your audience, and monetize. All through music.

We’re moving towards the right direction: Our tailor made solutions have helped thousands of artists reach new audiences and unlock new fans.
Yet, authenticity is key for every campaign we run, we believe tastemakers who keep it real bring
real value in return.

Meet some of our partners.

They're all amazing.

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Logo of MySphera partner Kycker
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Kycker logo - a MySphera partner for music promotion

"At Kycker we work with a variety of emerging artists.

We have used MySphera tastemakers to get our tracks to a wider audience and build stronger fan bases.  It is an essential step for us, as artists can grow release by release in multiple territories.  Besides that, the features secured by MySphera helped when pitching directly to Digital Service Providers as the artists are showing momentum. The MySphera team is always friendly and supportive and a pleasure to work with." @Frank Wilkes

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