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Some of our success stories

  • While Kutiman keeps reinventing himself while exploring new musical realms, his potential to unlock new audiences is huge. MySphera's tools recognized that potential and expose Kutimans' latest album to new listeners via unconventional playlists.

  • James Moore, 
    CEO Independent music promotions

    As a music marketer, my main concern is genuine progress for my artists. The engagement I've seen from MySphera tastemakers has been excellent. MySphera is also genuinely welcome to and effective for any musician - universal. It warms my heart to see such a social and practical approach in the indie music industry today.

  • Kenny Gourmet,

    Independent Artist

    It's was a blast working with  MySphera. I always looked forward to hearing weekly updates mentioning that my song "25" was placed on more playlists. I would definitely recommend MySphera to any musician who wants to get their music in front of different listeners and tastemakers

  • As an artist I have had the chance to find, and connect with other people who appreciate my music and have added me to a bunch of cool playlists. I have seen real plays increasing on my Spotify artist account and I love that fact that real people are discovering my music thanks to Mysphera. 

    It's a solid 5/5 from me guys!

Why Are You Here?

MySphera’s the ultimate platform that matches between cutting edge artists with  the new age of content tastemakers. All in a single click.


Artists, stop chasing bloggers, influencers, playlisters and get your music to the right tastemakers hassle free. So you can unlock new audiences, create digital assets, while keeping your focus on your art.

Tastemakers, we’ll connect you with fresh music both you and your audience can identify with. you can empower your brand, grow your audience, and monetize. All through music.

We’re moving towards the right direction: Our tailor made solutions have helped thousands of artists reach new audiences and unlock new fans.
Yet, authenticity is key for every campaign we run, we believe tastemakers who keep it real bring
real value in return.

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